Great invention!

Let’s hope she has a lifetime of inventions ahead of her! Learn about this 12 year old engineer’s invention here

The moon landing was a disaster….almost

Tranquility base here…. the Eagle has landed! July 20, 1969. BUT…. what is lost is that if were not for Neil Armstrong’s skill, the landing would have been a disaster! The landing site was filled with rocks that very likely would have damaged the lander. Armstrong manually flew and landed with almost no fuel remaining. Watch a brief story here

Who is the coolest person you know?

On this day, in 1902….. Willis Carrier invented… THE AIR CONDITIONER !!!! (THANK YOU!!!!)

Click the link here

More great inventions that hopefully will make you smile when you see them!

Check out some great inventions.  Click the link here.

Great inventions for everyday life!

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Love creative people. Who likes the Jetsons? Here are inventions from the Jetsons that came true!

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Ever wonder why we have a keyboard that starts ….QWERTY

To solve the problem in the first generation of typewriters .

Anniversary of the Sholes QWERTY Typewriter Patent !

How many of you knew there is actually a “Typewriter Song!?”

Click and sing along !!!!



Happy Birthday Nicolai Tesla.

Things he gave us that you may not know….. Click here.