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Ohio State Is Attempting to Trademark the word 'The'

Ok... I saw this story and scratched my head. It is true! A trademark filed for the word "THE" by The Ohio State University! US Trademark App Serial No 88571984. Read about it here

Can’t wait for this!!

Airless puncture proof tires!! Read about it here.

Inventors and creators making life easier for people affected by a stroke.

Great device. Learn about it here.    

On this day...

On May 1, 1964, the computer programming language BASIC (Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) was created by Dartmouth College professors John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz

Science Post Of The Day

Today’s Science post dedicated to the Israel Spacecraft, Beresheet. The spacecraft reached 10km from the lunar surface when an engine failed to fire. We watch many things in our lives and expect them to work. Most people do not realize the enormity of effort that makes things “work” in our world. Stop for a moment and appreciate our bodies, our homes, and our lives ... and all that seems to “work” all by itself.

Happy Birthday To The U.S. Patent System!

The very first U.S. Patent Law, the Patent Act of 1790, was signed into law by President George Washington on April 10, 1790. If any of you were thoughtful enough to buy your favorite Patent Attorney a present to celebrate the day, Thank You!

On this day, in 1869, Dimitri Mendeleev first published the Periodic Table of the Elements

Israeli Scientists Claim That They Will Have A Cure For Cancer Within A Year

Amazing story out of Israel. We can only hope they can succeed!!! Read more here.

Today should be a day of celebration for coffee lovers.

On this day in 1865, the patent issued on the first coffee percolator !!!   coffee

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to an inventor that has brought much joy into the world.... Milton Hershey!