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Achieving brand recognition is important for any commercial entity. Without a strong set of unique identifiers, customers or clients may not remember you. That’s why it’s so important to establish and protect your brand’s trademarks.

David W. Barman, PA can you help do just that. Skilled in all aspects of intellectual property law, David will make sure that your trademarks remain yours alone!

You’ve made your mark, now guard it!

You’ve made your mark, now guard it!

David W. Barman knows the ins and outs of trademark law . He recognizes how important trademarks are to the life of your commercial endeavor, and he’ll put you in a position to achieve lasting success with them.

David can help you with:

  • Trademark preparation, filing and prosecution
  • Litigation related to emblems, logos, phrases, symbols and words
  • Related intellectual property matters
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