Our Skills Are Patently Obvious

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It's been said that necessity's the mother of invention. But, whether or not your invention's really the best thing since sliced bread, it deserves to be guarded against theft or imitation by a well-filed, ironclad patent.

David W. Barman, PA can help with that effort. Known as "The Patent Man," David's an experienced patent attorney serving clients in Florida's North Miami Beach area.

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Don't let them reinvent your wheel

Whether you're an idea person or an entrepreneur, you've come to the right place. In the past, David W. Barman has helped clients obtain patents for a diverse variety of products such as fake snow, a wearable towel and a motorcycle safety system. He's knowledgeable in the laws regarding chemical, process, machine and other patent types.

David can help you with:

  • Patent search, preparation, filing and prosecution
  • Litigation related to patent law
  • Any other intellectual property matter
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