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The Patent Man of North Miami Beach, FL will assist you with your Patents, Copyright & Trademarks

You wouldn't leave your home unlocked, would you? Similarly, it's unwise to conduct an intellectual property transaction without a skilled representative on your side.

David W. Barman, PA is the attorney you both need and deserve. Widely knowledgeable in all areas of intellectual property law in North Miami Beach, Florida and beyond, David serves as a diligent advocate on behalf of his clients during their most sensitive transactions.

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Safeguard your Creative Ideas, Content & Brand Identity

You worked hard for your intellectual property. David W. Barman understands that, and he'll guard your intellectual assets as staunchly as if they were his own. He'll look out for your rights during intellectual property-related processes and transactions such as:

  • Application, litigation and prosecution
  • Licensing and sale agreements
  • Transfer agreements
  • Company sales
Don't leave your intellectual property unsecured. Call The Law Office of David W. Barman, PA at 786-361-6579 to file intellectual property litigation in the greater North Miami Beach, FL region.