Were You Charged With Robbery?

Retain an armed robbery attorney in North Miami Beach, FL

While robbery, theft and burglary are often used interchangeably, robbery is much more severe. Robbery includes the use of force or the threat of force and is often punishable by up to 10 years in prison. If you were charged with robbery, you need a robbery lawyer you can trust.

That's where The Law Office of David W. Barman, PA can help. Attorney Barman has over 25 years of experience, and he'll tirelessly fight to get you a favorable outcome. Call our lead armed robbery attorney today at 786-361-6579 to schedule a consultation in North Miami Beach, FL.

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What types of robbery cases does attorney Barman handle?

No matter what type of robbery charges you're facing, you can count on our robbery lawyer to stand by your side. He has extensive experience handling cases involving:

  • Armed robbery, which is when there is a weapon present
  • Simple robbery, which involves a threat but not a weapon
  • Safecracking, which involves illegally opening a safe or vault
The sentences can vary wildly based on these important details in your case. Talk to an experienced armed robbery attorney right away to start building your defense.